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    Ranee pronounced rah-nee. Plural: Ranees

    Ranee or Rani in India means a wife of a rajah, a queen, or a princess!

    Ranees was born in 2010 by Kiran Khiyani, a Miami based entrepreneur. Kiran  is a real estate broker with several years of experience in managing properties. Besides this Kiran had also been a buyer for her husbands company. For 18 plus  years she assisted her husband in buying resort wear for several gift shops and touristy mall stores. Kiran and her husband operated more than a dozen stores in the Florida region.  They both visited tradeshows, conventions several times a year.  Finally Kiran decided to merge her management techniques and retail experience together and follow her passion and start a wholesale company of resort wear. She believes there is a right time for everything. After the crash of the US real estate market and the downturn in the economy she decided to change careers.

    Kiran took the initiative to follow her dreams. At 39 she was pregnant one more time, her dreams, seemed impossible. The only encouraging factor in her life was her husband who told her to go chase those dreams, grab them and run with them. She thrived to be a designer. She travelled, explored and finally "Ranee's" was born. Kiran has always been inspired by the elements of earth such as semi precious stones, wood, bones, seeds, shells, etc. She is also fond of rich silks and pure chiffons. She watched her mom use these colorful breathable sarees as she was growing up.  She loves different colors, a trait passed to her by her mom. Her creative gene came from her dad who is a photographer. All the inspirations were put together and a beautiful line of garments  and accessories was created in 2010.  She decided it would be the best to manufacture it in India where her brothers live. With the help of her loving family in India she manufactures all her garments in house. Kiran was the first entrepreneur to introduce digital kaftans to the USA market. Many wholesalers followed her ideas, but she is proud to be the pioneer of this line.  She also wanted to make sure that every garment that she designs has a touch of the Indian colors and embellishments. This way she could also touch life's of the Indian artisans and create employment for them back home. Thus she introduced a digital colorful line of  kaftans to the US market with embellishments.  Kaftans were originally worn by the queens of Asia. Most of these had  heavy beaded work on the neckline and were considered a luxury. Kiran decided to transform the kaftan to a versatile outfit. Today kaftans are worn as beach cover-ups, dresses, gowns, evening tops, off shoulder dresses, resort and cruise wear. It is an elegant outfit which flatters everyone.
     Kiran believes every woman is a Ranee, and should dress like one. No matter what age, shape or size  a woman is! Ranee's caters to all sizes and age groups!
    Ranee's brand is now sold in many high end resort stores, department stores, catalog companies, and is also worn by the Hollywood and television celebrities. Ranee's has a  family owned production unit in India which is catering to customers all over the world. Ranee's has 4 showrooms in Miami Mart open to wholesale only.  Here you can find ready stock for the US and South American Market. Ranee's line is also exhibited at different trade shows in India and USA. Ranee's is constantly growing, working with several brands, undertaking private labels, and working directly with department stores and catalog companies like Nordstrom, Century21, Hautelook.com, Nordstrom Rack, Boston Proper, Soft Surroundings.

    Ranee's is sold in USA, Aruba, Trinidad, Bahamas, Venezuela, Brazil, Columbia, St Marten,St Thomas, Barbados, Haiti,  Curacao, Dominican Republic, Costa Rica, Nicaragua, Mexico, Paraguay, Panama, Argentina, Paris, Dubai,  Spain, Turkey, Belgium, Bulgaria, Gaudeloupe, Dubai, Singapore, Tunisia, Kuwait, Malaysia, Morocco.
    Ranee's is inspired by world cultures, and is continuing to expand! Ranees has also added crystal clutches, accessories, footwear, and ethnic jewelry to its existing resort wear collection. This is an all inclusive concept  that has become a lifestyle!